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Body intensity offers cutting edge personal fitness training custom tailored to your specific goals.

Are you ready for the beach?

With a fitness plan customized to your specific needs, Body Intensity can help you reach your fitness goals. With summer just around the corner, let us help you be prepared for all your outdoor activities!

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1241 West Chester Pike
Havertown,  Pa 19083


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619 W. Lancaster Ave
Strafford-Wayne Pa 19087

Did You Know......

One pound of muscle takes on average four to six weeks to
develop and it burns 500 calories a week while you are sleeping.

Ten pounds of muscle takes ten to twelve months on average to
develop and burns 3500 calories a week while you sleep. 

Those same ten pounds of fat that you don't change to muscle only
burns about 500 calories a week while sleeping.

We Guarantee Results!

Are your workouts not working for you?

Body Intensity is not a group class.
Body Intensity is not a gym.
Body Intensity is exclusive one on one and personal training.
We customize your weight training, cardio and nutrition.

Our Mission

To put together, for your particular needs, the three things needed for your body to act ten years younger with energy, strength and tone.

The proper weight training.

The proper cardiovascular information.

The proper nutritional information.

As long as all three are set up right, the body you are trying to achieve will come about. If one of the three is missing it won't.

We can design a fitness program tailored to your specific goals. We offer the flexibility to work with your schedule. No time to come to our location? We can come to you. We offer in home training.

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Business Opportunities

If your Gym or Personal Training Facility/Club is in need of the highest quality Certified Personal Training Staff, please give us a call or send an email.

Franchising Opportunities available, call for details:
610-446-3364 or
610-964-0414 or


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